About PHED

Public Health Engineering Department, Govt of Manipur

The Public Health Engineering Department deals with Planning, Investigation, Execution and Operation and Maintenance of both Urban and Rural Water Supply Schemes in the State. In addition, the Department is also looking after Imphal Sewerage project and Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) in the State.

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Rural Water Supply

The Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme (ARWSP) was introduced in 1972-73 by the Government of India to assist the States and Union Territories (UTs) to accelerate the pace of coverage of drinking water supply. The entire programme was given a Mission approach with the launch of the Technology Mission on Drinking Water and Related Water Management in 1986.

Urban Water Supply

In over 70 years of political independence and economic development, India has not been able to ensure daily safe drinking water needs for all its citizens. Rural areas contain the largest number of people without access to safe water but, in common with many developing countries, the fastest growing unserved populations live in urban & peri-urban areas.